Orbital360 speakers  

  ORBITAL 360  &  ORBITAL360 Bi-Stereo

Omni-directional (All-directional up to 360 degrees) wide-band powerful ribbon loudspeaker with adjustable polar pattern. Works well with most of amplifiers, including tube amps starting from  50 Watt per channel. Available in 4 sizes: 132 , 139, 147, 158 cm (real photos of height below) and power levels: 300, 600, 1000, 1250, 2500 Watt RMS per each one loudspeaker box.  In revolutionary BI-Stereo version  each one loudspeaker plays full stereo! The sound sensations are extraordinary.


We offer many combinations of colours, unique kinds of wood, 3 sizes and many finishes including 24-carat plated gold versions (see below).



         ORBITAL 360 Slim

                   139 cm of height, 1000 Watt RMS  per one cabinet



ORBITAL 360 Reference

   158 cm of height, 2500 Watt RMS  per one cabinet

 on the photo Zeta Zero model  ORBITAL360  158 cm high


ORBITAL 360 Imperial

   145 cm of height, 1250 Watt RMS  per one cabinet

Orbital 360 Royal

   145 cm of height, 600 Watt RMS  per one cabinet


 on the photo Zeta Zero model  ORBITAL360  145 cm high


Orbital 360 Discovery

   132 cm of height, 300 Watt RMS  per one cabinet

 on the photo Zeta Zero model  ORBITAL360  132 cm high



The total height (aprox.) *         

Diameter of bass section

Power of one loudspeaker box.*(power of bass unit)

Frequency resp.*

Impedance – possible combinations*




RMS [Watt]








2x2, 4 or 8












2 or 4






2 or 2x2 or 4






1x4 or 2x2


Additional info:

The Orbital360 is a fully passive loudspeaker.We do Orbtial360 as standard loudspeaker (mono) or in BI-Stereo mode  as  stereo loudpseaker.In this revolutionary mode each one loudspeaker plays full stereo.  This is the first wideband ALL Directional home HI FI ribbon loudspeaker worldwide. The “Orbital360” solution eliminates the harmful sound directivity of an ordinary loudspeaker and does not radiate energy in the form of a concentrated beam striking the ears of listeners like traditional solutions do. With omni-directional ribbon speakers, the whole room is filled evenly with acoustic energy, which means no unpleasant "sweet spot" effect. No harmful accumulation of energy in front of the loudspeaker or harmful equalization of frequency bands to either side of the loudspeaker, eliminating the unpleasant "dipole effect" on bass (typical of electrostatic loudspeakers).
Because there is no need to sit at a single listening point in the room (no "sweet spot" at all), listeners enjoy a high degree of freedom of movement and high quality stereo music even at a distance from the speakers.

Using of BI-Stereo gives additional new, strong, unusual and uknown filings comparing to any traditional loudspeaker. In this revolutionary mode loudspeakers  nearly "disappear" in the sound field. You hear sounds, you do not hear loudspeakers. Using Bi-stereo you do not need to use any central loudspeaker too !  Bi-stereo gives fantastic freedom of listening position and extraordinary sound experience.You do not hear loudspeakers, you hear "SOUND SPACE".

Programmable polar pattern:


On the photo below actual size of "Slim" version and human proportion's comparision.