Our scientific field  

Our scientific and research background.

Many years ago, we started a long-term program of engineering and research for ZETA ZERO needs. These speakers were developed in the course of about ten years' research to create an unparalleled experience, different from any other conventional audio system. This has been achieved through the implementation of innovative solutions, processes and materials like GRAPHENE and NANOTUBES as well very strong chemicals- sometimes almost unknown and very difficult and expensive to obtain- or inaccessible to apply them in mass-production. We have even gone so far as to use such experimental technologies and even military materials originally developed for space applications(e.g. nano - technology- see our research). For one ste of ZETA ZERO Orbital360 we use and spoend up to 2000 squere cm of graphene.

We have used, among other things,special, ultra-high strength materials used in space technology, characterized by a unique reinforcement of thermal and mechanical strength, some of which were also created especially to the requirements needed by ZETA ZERO.

Thousands of tests, thousands of hours, measurements, as well as the creation of the necessary innovative materials for ZETA ZERO speakers, requires utilizing the very latest technology and measuring methods of the 21st century. Hence our strong commitment to advanced research such as: molecular measurements, ion implementation processes, mass spectrometry technology, particle accelerators, and Ultra-high-vacuum technology etc.

During works we contact with many well known scientists and prestigious research institutes including the most important technology institutes such as the Institute for Nuclear Research Poland , Florida Advanced Study Institute, the Institute of Materials Science Engineering PW, the Department of Metallurgy of AGH, the Institute of Precision Mechanics, the Institute of Radio Engineering, the Institute of Electronics PK, and the Space and Science Technology Institute We even cooperate with test laboratories in ironworks and space programs. The photo gallery below shows fragments of our hard work-hundreds of tests, experiments, and complex measurements. It has been a long a difficult way, so far, that has resulted in discovery and success, and, there is still a lot ahead of us to make ZETA ZERO the supreme audio system for you!

We use some of the most modern scientific processes such as: atomic implementation, nano-technologies, high vacuum processes, as well as some of our own "Top-secret" proprietary ideas unavailable anywhere else. We have additionally redesigned and re-engineered the ribbon technology, adding our own fresh ideas. Some of the technological innovations our laboratory has developed:

- New methods of atomic strengthening membranes (here more details)

- Development of new complex extremely durable materials ( here more details)

- Self-active cooling systems in our powerful ribbons

- Computerized protection systems for mids and highs, as well as bass drivers extending the maximum power of a speaker up to two to three times. For example- with our circuit the 300Watt RMS bass speaker found in our Picolla model is capable of being driven for short terms by a power amp of 1000 Watt RMS!