Zeta Zero in Planetarium  

The ZETA ZERO ORBITAL360 home loudspeakers, including the innovative technology of Bi-Stereo sound emission, invented by us, have been thoroughly tested in an exceptional way during a full-day closed test at the National Science Center. M. Copernicus in the Warsaw Planetarium.
The acoustics under the large concrete dome of the Warsaw Planetarium is widely considered to be extremely difficult to provide proper and even sound. Here and this time the omni-directional ORBITAL360 speakers showed their supremacy and superiority over classic- directional speakers (in this case JBL).

They amplified the large Planetarium dome with a quality previously unknown here - excellent in the opinion of Planetarium specialists, thanks to the use of Bi-Stereo without the slightest effort. The set of 4 Orbitals and two additional ZETA ZERO bass sections provided the sound intensity that easily exceeded 108 dB SPL, measured not a meter from the speakers, but about 10 times further. We also obtained an exceptionally wide spectrum of the signal reaching a dozen or so Hz. Again and recently at the National Stadium it turned out that inconspicuous, because purely home ORBITAL360 loudspeakers have an extraordinary reserve of power and quality values ​​most often not found in traditional competitors'  hi-fi loudspeakers. Here is a link to a press article in the media about this unique test. Below is a photo gallery from this extraordinary event.