Zeta Zero amplifier  

We recommend for ZETA ZERO Venus and Orbital360 many models of amplifiers including tube as well solid-state as Krell, Accuphase, Mcintosh etc. Due to high efficiency of our loudspeakers you may use many available amplifiers, no matter what brand or wattage. ZETA ZERO works well with as low as 5,5 Watt per channel. Below we present a few great models. Specially we recommend perfect NAGRA Classic 50Watt class-A/100Watt - AB per channel as well G -BLOCK amp( 5,5Watt RMS/per channel). We also present photos of other popular amps very well matched with ZETA ZERO. At the end of this page we present also ourown solution- ZETA ZERO 1175 amplifier, the most powerful. This is also very good amp for ZETA ZERO loudspeakers.


This is analogue power amplifier ZETA ZERO model 1175 as a final stage for luxury home cinema systems. One very small box of this clearly analogue amplifier gives you 1175 Watt RMS of power on 4 Ohms as well on 2 Ohms.

Maximum continuous RMS power = 1175 Watt RMS/ 4 Ohm (may drive also 2 Ohm speaker)
Dumping Factor - as high as 1000 on 8 Ohm !
THD= 0,007% przy 1 W , 0,2% do 1000 Watt
Minimum temporary load 2 Ohm, recommended 4 Ohm
Typical Dynamic Range 118 dB or more
Frequency response 5 - 38000 Hz (on 8 Ohm) - 3dB (precisely limited by LP filter to 38kHz)
approx weight. only 11kg
dimensions. 12cm X 22cm X 33 cm

Efficiency 79%


And here meaningful comparison of ZETA ZERO amp to a few other also Great World Class amplifiers:

Amplifier model ZETA ZER01175
Accuphase P7100
Accupahse M6000
Krell Evolution 600e

Power/moc Watt RMS

On 4 Ohm
1175 ! 250 300 1200
On 2 Ohm
1175 ! 500 600 NO
Dumping Factor/współczynnik tłumienia 1000 to 1600 300 500 Over 270
Dynamic dB/ dynamika Typ 118 max 120 122 120 119
Full Power Bandwith Freqency responce / Pasmo Mocy


+-0,5 dB


-0,2 dB


-0,2 dB


-0,18 dB

Wight/waga kg Only 9 ! 49 38 61
Distortions/ zniekształcenia

Only 0,007 %/1 Watt

0,2% /1000 Watt

0,03% on not specified power 0,03% on not specified power 0,02% /600Watt
Power AC Watt consumption in ready to work “IDLE” mode/pobór mocy
Only 15 ! 135 180 440 high current
Dimensions/wymiary cm
Only 22 x 12 x 33 46 x 25 x 54 46 x 22 x 50 43 x 24 x 56


all data's based on producers specifications.

If you treat seriously the quality of sound in your home system, do not look ONLY at power. Also other parameters are very important as for example so called but not well known for some, the critical "DUMPING FACTOR" parameter (called also DF) . This parameter should be as high as possible. It tells us how precisely is controlled the movement of the bass loudspeaker membrane. If is high, the membrane is well drived and bass becomes precise, "punctual", without unwanted resonances and without so called mechanical overshoots. Movements of the membrane become accurate. Bass guitar sounds as bass guitar, drums sound as live drums etc.

For example if DF = 300, it is quiet good for hi fi but if is over 1000 is much better and is incredible in final sound effect. With 1000 or more, the reproduction of ALL dynamic specially bass sounds becomes more perfect and accurate !

Below some of the most important technical parameters. Chance to its achievements this powerful amplifier is capable of driving nearly anyone high end speaker system in the World. If you are not happy with your current high-end "heavy brick" power amplifier, if your system is not powerful enough, or not perfect enough in sound- this is the very good answer for your demands.

It was simple idea for us: The power amp for ZETA ZERO speakers should be as simple as possible: No knobs=no problems, simply "turn ON and play" idea. Very small, very light and easy to use in any stereo or multichannel home cinema system.

The first time bass guitar sounds like a guitar, pipe organs sound as real instrument....voice sounds as human voice...The first time NO limits of power in your home cinema system at all.




The New generation of ANALOGUE AMPLIFIER made for modern home cinema

"ZETA ZERO 1175"


This is truly analogue design yet very small and very light .

Inside are NO AD ( analogue to digital converters) so it has absolutely continuous output power characteristics without ANY digitalization of output levels ( so called steps - typical for digital amps with AD converters).

This amplifier produces linear power on output as linear analogue answer for analogue input signal-doesn't matter how small is this input signal.

So the sound is perfectly smooth and without distortions and no noises, doesn't matter how high or how low is input signal!

In digital amplifiers where are present DA or AD converters -distortions tend to rise when music is going to be quiet. This is simple phenomena of digital conversion. Also in typical analogue class AB amplifiers distortions are rising when signal is very low(because of characteristics of transistors), in Class A analogue amplifiers distortions are rapidly rising when signal is going to be high so from A class you can NOT get to much power.

In ZETA ZERO 1175 amp ALL these disadvantages of class A, class AB and digital amps with DA or AD converters are avoided . Additionally in ZETA ZERO 1175 are added all positive advantages of class A, AB and from digital ideas.

ZETA ZERO amp works on totally different principal (different idea) than all of previously mentioned class independently and it does not has any of these disadvantages but collects all strong points together. So the sound is incredibly clear crispy, and extremely powerful (if needed because of music content)

This stack below of ZETA ZERO amps gives total of 4700 Watt continuous power RMS for ultimate multi-channel home cinema