Garden Space Sound  

Have you ever dreamed of listening by multichanel way to your favorite music under the Sun or stars in absolutely any place away from the AC power supply: in your garden, in your swimming pool but not using 2 speakers(ordinary stereo) but in MULTICHANNEL so an ambience, spatially, immersively, so that the whole to be immersed in music that reaches our heads and ears in all open space from all around us, almost magically? For this we created a special portable / hand held micro set ZETA ZERO "GARDEN SPACE SOUND".

Listen by the pool, on the patio, indoors and outdoors.

And these are the words of a music lover, Boeing- Dreamliner pilot from Warsaw - Mr. Tomasz Wasiak:

"I admit that I was very skeptical about the idea of a garden sound system. Oh, a crazy idea, targeting a niche of quantum dimensions. Curiosity, however, did not give me peace. How can a set of loudspeakers sound in an open space, sealing the space around the listeners with a sound field? The effect is electrifying. I have been dealing with music for years, but I experienced something like that for the first time. Full immersion in the sounds, non-directional, surrounding. Do you think that your home theater gives you a spatial sound? Oh, naivety!

Garden Space Sound by Nigth

It is a smartphone-controlled set of up to 12 channels/sound sources of six special stereo omnidirectional (as well as our Orbitale360) miniature but powerful with power and band of sound emitters, each weighing only 2.5 kg together with a tripod (!) That does not require a mains power supply and a small one driver appropriately separating sounds to these emitters.

This system can be connected to absolutely any sound source, e.g. stereo chocby our smartphone with the Spotifie or Tidal application or any other source, e.g. a CD player, files or even a BlueRay multi-channel player and have ... a garden cinema!

The sound, in effect, comes to us from as many as 12 places (!) In the space around us, although it was originally only a stereo file on the phone! It gives an unusual effect, unknown to our brain, beautiful for our aesthetic sensations!

The whole set is small enough to be moved and set up with one hand in about 5 minutes wherever you want. As a music lover, you can take him on holiday in a trunk bag. Emitters are set up around you in any favorite place, even in a forest clearing, by the fire, at the camping, or in the most romantic places at night or in the desert or by the river, lake and after a few moments we literally dive in beloved music !!

One of the surprised listeners described it with the words: "fairy-tale immersion quilt of sound around the body"

The emitters and the controller have built-in very capacious energy banks sufficient for the whole day or more of playing (of course the working time depends on the volume). The power of the whole set reaches over 200 Watt.

Music transmission from the source (e.g. our smartphone) to the controller can be done even by wireless bluetooth with the highest studio quality 24 bit 192 kHz. The connection of the controller with the emitters is done in versio PRO totaly WIRELESS !! Cables are used to charge the emitters with energy (when a AC main is available) and it is possible to use also cables in so called budget version.

The comparison of features and advantages(green) and disadvantages (red)
Parameter or property/features "GARDEN
speakers (many on market)
Wireless (Bluetooth)
multi-channel home theater
i.e. JBL , Yamaha etc systems

estimated range of operation* about 15 to 80 m
about 5 to 10 m
about 7 to 15 m
the ability to work in a place where is no AC mains

the ability to play without delay - synchronously
with another
main/master audio system
e.g. home Hi-Fi

Number of Speakers in the system
and maximum number
(if build as custom made)

6 units in standard
maximum: unlimited

1 unit in standard
maximum: 2

4 + subwofer i central

maximum number of theoretically possible channels
/or optimal number i.e. for multichannel source.
In sach situation bigger master unit made on order.

2 (only stereo)
6 ( actually 5.1)

number of main input channels in standard version
(not custom projected & made for extra order )

2 2 2

latency / delay from input to wirless speakers
e.g. an image on a smartphone (e.g.
while watching movies and concerts)

Zero Latency
No delay !

Non-zero latency
often more than 0.5 seconds of delay
Non-zero latency
often more than 0.5 seconds of delay

the ability to play straight from a smartphone

YES YES YES or NO depending on system
playback of any music on all loudspeakers YES NO NO
working time on a single charge** about a day
or more
about a day
or more
about a few hours
any quantity of main speakers in the system YES NO, maximum 2 main
NO- 2 main, 2 side
+ subwoofer + centralny
solar support in charging process
(opion not available now but soon will be ready)
Battery status LCD indicator
in receiver
possibility of continuous wired operation (during charging)
weight of one laudspeaker emitter
about 2kg from.0,3 kg to 10kg from 2 to 10 kg
works well without any additional subwoofer YES YES NO
number of sound sources(bass loudspeakers) in one emitter 2 to 4 depending
on model
1 1 to 2
any single emitter can be (as custom made ): MONO lub
can be placed on a tripod
with photo quick coupler
depending on model
setup and configuration time
(the entire system ready to work)
less than
5 minutes !
about 1 minute
long - often several dozen
or even a hour
analog inputs RCA for CD players and analog sources
YES NO YES or NO (zależy od modelu)
bluetooth input
YES YES YES or NOdepending on system
fully rechargeable battery supply
inlciding master unit
and the
entire set without the need for mains AC

sound arround the listener

* the real range of operation always depends very much on the type of size and number of obstacles in the field.
** depends how loud we play.
Someone may ask a question whether it is possible to comfortably amplify with very high quality the space around us with such small set? Answer -Yes!! How effective? It will surprises you . Well, the use of as many as 12 (!) sound sources placed in a circle around our body and ears gives unknown effects to our sense of hearing comparing to traditional stereo. 12 all round sources resulting from a very unusual because of multi-circular wave interference inside such a "sound circle". The sound inside seems to be louder to the listener, with deep bass much better than from a small stereo, above all extremely spatially beautiful!
It`s all around us! Our senses react very strongly to the given "centripetal / centric" acoustic wave reaching all around from all sides to us. The emitters can be set up even in a circle with a diameter of up to 20 meters and cover such a large surface of the entire garden with a delightful ambient music background perfect for our soul. It is something completely different and emotionally new than traditional stereo speakers in a room. Sound is also spatial but completely different than at home! Of course, such a system is not designed for "roaring" with huge volume and loudness frightening forest animals. Here the goal of our system is subtlety, beauty and delicacy.
Finally, we would like to point out that the system is also great inside the home, wherever we want to get an extraordinary impression of space very quickly and something incomparably better than ordinary stereo, and we do not have space or funds for a high-budget and large-sized complex multi-channel stationary system. And here our micro set will surprise you with its sound and easy setup in just a few minutes! So it can serve us all year round, at home in winter, in the garden in summer and on excursions.

Film music composer Robert Letkiewicz described his impressions of listening to "Garden" as follows:

"For me, the time when I could immerse myself in the experiences I witnessed was definitely too short - this new experience stimulates. The concept of 12 channels - the crystalline sound, details that allow you to sink into the music - discovering new spaces with every movement - gives food for thought. I like to be surprised by the space and colors that I have not planned in my music - this is undoubtedly innovative solution, which will undoubtedly be our everyday life in a moment.
Robert Letkiewicz "
Let`s enjoy great music also in the bosom of Nature.
Zeta Zero "GARDEN SPACE SOUND" is a new idea of ​​joy for the ears and soul in the open air.
Everywhere with Everybody !
Ask for price.
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