Here we present  available models of ZETA ZERO  loudspeakers family: ORBITAL360  and  VENUS and below dedicated ZETA ZERO electronics (pre-amplifier and power amplifier).

Orbital360 loudspeakers can be finished in many kinds of natural wood from all continents. Because of the unique structure of natural wood grain, each one  loudspeaker box looks totally unique. Orbital in monochromatic black, silver and gold colour are made not of wood  coat but of synthetic structures. All metal details and a "head" of  all Orbital360 loudspeakers in gold colour are coated with real pure 24 carat gold. For special order ALL Orbital body icluding bass sestion can be also coated with 24 carat gold. Also is possible to finish the loudspeaker  not in wood but also with any paiting or with dedicated graphics.For this we need hi-res JPG file of desired picture
Venus  loudspeakers are finished in: black, sahara, bronze-mahogany(transparent) or fully transparent.